[Log Horizon 2] Episode 5: Serial Killing, Badass Soujirou, and Other Assorted Idiocy

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Overall. First of all, what an amazing episode!!! After all that buildup in the first few episodes (and an especially action-less Episode 4), Episode 5 has delivered on everything and more. All my regrets and doubt have been washed away. The People of the Land (well one guy) has really stepped up to present a legit challenge to the all-powerful adventurers. Some light is finally peeking out beneath the Akatsuki dark cloud. Soujirou has a MASSIVE episode as he finally shows us why he’s cool enough to have a harem. We finally see an offensive style “Teaching” / “Overskill” and it looks awesome. Shiroe’s entire party got wiped out by Boss X but whatever, at least they found a boss when they were just crawling around complaining last episode. MOST IMPORTANTLY, that ominous foreshadowing in Episode 1 when Akatsuki and Shiroe meet in death on Christmas Eve just happened, which means that this is the depth of their failure — all that’s left to do is go up!! I can’t wait until Shiroe comes back with a vengeance and Akatsuki just destroys that creep. So, so satisfied right now XD

Murder is Bad for Business. A serial killer strikes and all the folks in Akihabara are like, “Man, why’s he doing this on Christmas” or “This sucks, it ruins our festive mood”. All I can say is “….” Wow. Just wow guys. Waaay to hammer in that this is just a video game…

Yeah, if he gets me I can't deliver all my presents in time

Yeah, if he gets me I can’t deliver all my presents in time. Ho ho ho. 

Meanwhile the government is freaking out while the citizens basically are like meh. The Round Table are debating ways to deal with this, even going as far as to suggest that they abandon Akihabara and evacuate to Shibuya. Now, this was before we found out that the killer was only all-powerful inside Akihara, so at the time, this sounded like a really really dumb idea. Even if you guys move to Shibuya, what would stop the killer from following you there?!

I have tofu for brains.

I have tofu for brains. 

Guru Nyanta. While everyone’s pretending that a serial killer is just like a boo-boo, Nyanta smacks some sense into Tohru, the “hot-headed idiot” of Log Horizon. Thank heavens someone realizes how lightly people are taking this situation. Resurrection is great—nobody dies, yay!—but nothing good happens when you start joking about murder. Part of what makes Log Horizon so enjoyable for me is that the characters do struggle about these issues. There’s always the temptation living a video game and being a virtual immortal to drift away from reality and start believing in your own myth.

Ultra Serious Soujirou. Now we know what happens when Souji gets mad: he puts on red armor samurai-style, his voice gets deeper, and he gets lines underneath his eyes. Also, he exudes a “stay the heck away from me” angry cloud around him….I feel like squealing now like a fangirl in his harem… I’m just so psyched to see him in action.

death sentence is my specialty

death sentence is my specialty

Kinjou the Useless. Raynessia and Kinjou have a heart to heart on her bright pink couches. Kinjou puts on his unemotional bitch face and informs Raynessia that his clan member is basically responsible for all the shit going down in Akihabara. Raynessia’s like, “Can you do anything about it?” And I just burst out laughing, because … OF COURSE HE CAN’T. The sky will fall, Minori will get with Shiroe, and Demikas will prove himself useful before Kinjou will ever do something useful in his entire life. I swear he gets a kick out of frustrating people — he’s probably cracking up on the inside.

I don't do anything. I just troll people.

I don’t do anything. I just troll people.

Raynessia X Krusty. The princess/lord pairing was adorable in Season 1 and I’m so glad the story progressed even more in Season 2. I think Raynessia is fantastic because I usually hate her kind of character (i.e. lazy spoiled princesses) but she just pulls boredom off so well that she becomes interesting instead, which is quite a paradox. She’s just so cute when she’s whining… >.< Unfortunately for her, I don’t believe Krusty will come back this season to Akihabara. Both him and Isaac, leaders of the two major combat guilds, are tied up in the stupid goblin war that nobody even cares about at this point. I mean, goblins are so first season… get with the program guys.

Anpan Solves Everything. Have a problem? Have an anpan. It’s Akatsuki’s miracle drug. It will solve all your emotional problems and level up your brains—her “oh, the murderer must have been hiding in the sewers comment” is the smartest thing I heard this episode. I am just dying with joy right now that I don’t have to ride the Akatsuki angst train any longer…

I need to eat my own medicine

I need to eat my own medicine

Soujirou’s Manly Moment. Ah, Souji-chan finally got to show us he’s not just a huggable cute plushie in a tug-of-war between members of his harem. He actually was one of the front-liners of the Debauchery Tea Party and he can do some awesome shit. And like all shounen heroes, he has a penchant for the dramatic and chooses to end with his special overskill / teaching ability right in front of Akatsuki as a way to pass down his knowledge on how to achieve it.

I am so motherf***ing badass.

I am so motherf***ing badass.

Brainless Harem. While it’s great Souji fought creepy bad guy to save time for his harem to run away, they were super stupid and did not run away until he had to yell at them twice. Like what? He was delaying that guy for at least a minute before Akatsuki even arrived, and after that, they had another minute. Instead those idiots were just standing there spectating, worrying, and just being dead weights. Come on girls, are you serious? Can’t you read the atmosphere and get a sense of urgency?!

Let's all stand around like fools.

Let’s all stand around like fools.

Votive Sword Kogarasumaru. When Soujirou called this out, I almost passed out laughing because all I can think of is Ikki from Air Gear and their ridiculous Kogarasumaru pose. I just, can’t. This name is totally ruined for me.

Can you just imagine soujirou doing this?!

Can you just imagine soujirou doing this?! Shiroe can join the party too…

Merry Christmas. Wow, that was a real cold one-liner from our villain. Not that it wasn’t still cheesy as hell though.

I am the definition of cliche.

I am the definition of cliche.


One thought on “[Log Horizon 2] Episode 5: Serial Killing, Badass Soujirou, and Other Assorted Idiocy

  1. Have they run away souji would have die in three hit. Two of those girl buffs are needed just so souji could survive. (Blizzard AOE, I wonder why anime don’t show it.)

    The problem is he would just killed them all when he is done with souji have they run. (Yes souji would have die that quickly)
    Staying and backing souji mean they would all die when their mana run out.

    Running mean leaving souji to die a very ‘painful death’. (Anime can’t show how Kyouko die due to censorship, In the LN she was stabbed in the chest, thigh, breast, neck, and have many minor wound over her body. She die bleeding out on the snow while half freezing which is why souji was so pissed. All other adventures also die pretty brutal death.)

    Staying and dying together sound like a good idea on that situation. Then Akatsuki arrive and Souji (knowing he can’t win, and Akatsuki isn’t running) decided to die. Problem solved…


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