[Log Horizon 2] Episode 11: Cool Techniques, Demikas Redemption and Shiroe’s Final Showdown

shiroe 4

Overall. I’ve realized that life is pretty fair sometimes. Everything that failed to happen in Episode 10 went down like a dream in Episode 11  (except perhaps Shiroe’s grand revelation but I had stopped hoping for the impossible). Shiroe and party began what looks like the last and final try to finish up the raid, and the whole episode was basically an epic fest of second by second strategy, shiny equipment, and showy techniques. Demikas also reached the final stage of his redemption path by dragging Shiroe kicking and screaming into the final stage of the dungeon. No doubt this is my favorite episode of Season 2 to date.

Eevee Cameo. I knew this episode was going to be good when the first thing I see is my favorite starter pokemon. It’s completely adorable.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 2.08.19 PM

I choose you!

Friends vs. Comrades. Somehow, some fools in Silver Sword unanimously thought that the ideal time to introspect was during battle and started musing on how they’re so glad that Shiroe has changed for the better. To make it worse, their philosophizing doesn’t even make any sense. Take this quote, “You can’t be friends with someone you dislike,” which is blatantly untrue—being friends with people you dislike is basically how you make it in the real world.…Actually, I can see why these guys need to escape into a video game.

shiroe 1

So, how do you feel about Shiroe again?

The Redeem Team. One guy internally monologuing prompted the whole Dream Team to pipe in (think emo roundtable in the beginning of Episode 10). Thankfully, unlike the last episode, Silver Sword has now taken a 180 and are all “Death is nothing! I eat death for breakfast! YEAH, FRIENDS XDDD.” Good job, Big Bro Will.

There’s no perfectly safe, secure future. Yes Demikas, life’s a bitch, even in a video game. You’re just realizing this now?! No wonder you were everyone’s punching bag since inception.

New Buff: Whipped. Demikas’ backstory on how he got with his NPC wife is hilarious. Never estimate the power and will of clean freaks. These are people who annihilate evil dust bunnies on a daily basis.

shiroe 3

Actually…I’m in love with you, was what I thought Tetora was going to bomb Naotsugu with in the middle of their epic boss fight haha, but instead it was just her entry into Log Horizon. >.< As always, her dialogue with Naotsugu is amusing and witty and her Sailormoon-esque wand-spinning sequence just makes my day a little bit brighter. I’m convinced we all need a touch of magical girl in our lives 🙂

Shiroe is a Boss. Nough said. That scythe just screams awesome when activated, though so far, it doesn’t seem to be used for cutting. But whatever, it still looks cool.

shiroe scythe gif

And Minori who? Shiroe shows us why he’s the creator of Full Control Encounter and not some middle school girl. The copy has nothing on the original.

shiroe 2

Look out bitches, the world is in my hands.

Sentience is the new fad. First, NPCs are now real people with real thoughts and dreams. Next, weapons have their ideas as well; apparently, one really wants to bite off Sansa’s arm and take out Krusty (what happened to him btw…) So how could we forget the raid bosses? Obviously, they’re like 10x smarter now and are willing to execute kamikaze moves just to eliminate these pesky annoyances who’re trying to steal their treasure. I waiting for the trees to turn into Ents next. Actually, where’s Groot?

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 2.35.55 PM


Demikas is finally acknowledged. I thought once upon a life time ago that pigs would fly before Demikas would do anything useful but recently, Log Horizon has been making me eat my words. Especially with this last stint, Demikas has proven himself to the point where Shiroe finally dropped the nicknames and acknowledged his real name. I would cry at this touching moment, but it’s still Mr. Democracy. Come on.

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 2.37.58 PM

Prelude. Next episode: be prepared for Shiroe 1v1 Final Boss. Who will emerge victorious?!

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 2.35.26 PM

Shiroe: watch out as I KO this dude into the next century


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